Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dr. Reverend Freddie Pinkney Takes On Whirlpool

Reverend Freddie Pinkney.... has been a political activist in Benton Harbor, Michigan for years, defending community rights against the corporate tide of Whirlpool, who's headquarters virtually owns and enriches half the town, while neglecting and rejecting the poor, mostly black side of town.

Now Whirlpool, and it's cronies in the local city gov, have Dr. Pinkney on trial for alleged election fraud. Dr. Pinkney maintains it's a sham perpetrated in order to get him out of their elitist hair.

Dr. Pinkney cannot afford his legal expenses. He's asking for help. Please absorb this material, and put the word out, if you can.


Dr. Pinkney's interview on KillRadio
(scroll to bottom for "Rev. Pinkney Interview")

Email statements by and about Dr. Pinkney

Whirlpool Boycott, 2/06

Dr. Pinkney's email address

Dr. Pinkney's MySpace
Do you want to help Dr. Pinkney put up his own myspace page? He doesn't have the time or ability. Go for it, he needs it.

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