Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sunday May 28th - KillRadio CyberSex Benefit Concert & Costume Dance Party


8 Bit, the drunk robots,will perform nintendo funk masterpieces, naked (robots are always naked).

AlphaSheMale will addle your senses with cyberslut electropunk, they will offend you deeply, yet you will not stop loving them.

DJ Swamp,
Vinyl Stuntman and Beck Tour DJ, the Sid Viscious of DJ's, will make your body bounce uncontrollably to heavy-metal drum n bass.

DJ Miyuki spins drum n bass, karate-chop style.

Emcee Sweet presents a drum n bass burlesque.

Veronique CheVALier
the Weird Cabaret chanteuse, will sing fondly of sperms.

The Cinnamon Roll Gang,
sick and twisted punk puppets, will abuse and amuse you.

Tromobone Mary
will play trombone in lingerie, with her toes, while reciting fairly dirty surrealistic humor.

Jen Sincero,
author of "The Straight Girl's Guide To Sleeping With Chicks" will conduct some sort of game show or reading.

Raffle of toys contributed by the Toys in Babeland

more weird danceable dj's will probly be added.

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