Thursday, February 21, 2008

Birthday/ music

After another brief hiatus
spent musically marshalling puppets
(the shows were great - thanks for coming!)
the Unwrinkeld Ear returns to the waves tonite
exposing the fleers of uneasy pleasures
and the licked shadows of notes
from 21:00-22:30
We'll hear:
Steamboat Switzerland
and fun vocal stuff to suit the mood
of post-birthday aggling
And be forewarned that next year
when I turn 33
I'll be celebrating 33 and 1/3 only
so the party will be around June 20 
Our last show
recorded a couple weeks ago and available here  
Furt + John Butcher/ Rhodri Davies/ Paul Lovens/ Wolfgang Mitterer - temperature
Sandell/ Berthling/ Ljungvist - trio 3
Kaori Osawa - Soda Funk
Luie Luie - Tastee Touchy
Dill Ensemble - Wueqfeth utt norla suite 3rd "ephia"
Kazuhisa Uchihashi/ Tatsuya Yoshida - R
Gnu - Bells
Hose - hanyu-rokko on the seabded
Kuchiroro - Starflight/ Planetarium version
Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed -uuta ayasketom
Henri Chopin - La Ventre de Bertini
" " - Les Mandibules du Dejeuner sur l'herbe
" " - 2500, Les grenouilles d'Aristophanes
Quarteto em Cy - Modinha
Sainkho Namtchylak/ Jarrod Cagwin - Dance of an old spirit
Glerum Omnibus - Bill's Hairdo
Oshima Tereyuki - rootrum
Actis Dato/ Baldo Martinez - Festa
Lyrics Born - Top Shelf
The Thing/ Cato Salsa Experience/ McPhee - The Witch
Szilard Mezei International Ensemble - Breezy Draught

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