Thursday, March 27, 2008

hair chorus

Instead of acting like a bunch of gangsters waiting for a visit from the razortooth fairy, please welcome the return of The Unwrinkled Ear back on the radiowaves this evening.

The show will be broadcast beginning at 21:00 PST on Thursday

I'd like some 1920s musical saw duets with Hawaiian guitar so we'll have Sam Moore and Leroy Smeck dole out a couple

There's a quartet of Hawkins Lash May and Ward called Barkingside on the consistently compelling Emanem label that speaks Basenjis to all available

Thanks to the Bandit label, Altyrone Deno Brown's "Sweet Pea" session can come to yet another bloom tonite

Can I get a chorus of "Hair Y'all!"?

Yay! Sam Moore - one of my heros. Thank you for that!

All the best,

Saw Lady  

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