Thursday, March 30, 2006

beware the ides of march doubled

yes, that means tonight (if you're reading this on thurday march 30)...

the rumble city inspector show will be playing only songs written expressly for film and television, not tunes merely used for soundtracks, but actually commissioned and composed ditties.

rev mo (your host) being rev mo, this means that japanese horror tunes, hindi disco and cartoon themes will also be heard.

ha ha.

wait, i actually want you to listen.

so, if you please?

rumble city inspector show,

7pm to 9pm all LA timey like

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Close Your Eyes/Marc

Close Your Eyes - Music, Conversation, Meditation

Where can y'all hear everyone from Prefuse 73 to Ben Webster or Javier Solis to BentOh and THEN enjoy great discussions covering everything from our personal potential to the spiritual basis of prosperity?  O.k., enough questions, here's the answers:  "Close Your Eyes" webcasts each Friday from 10am to 12pm Pacific Time, playing a wide range of music amidst a wide range of discussions about the spiritual aspect of our lives.  Hosted by DJ and spiritual practitioner, Marc Caldwell, CYA is a show about spirituality for non-religious people.  For more info. email Marc at

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Shoot a hot glue gun in the sea or from 9:00-10:30pm PST
Both are kind of pro creation
The Unwrinkled Ear hasn't been here since March 9
but will get it on tonite

Be with:

Kevin Ayers
Alvarius B.
Ab Baars Quartet (the trio + Joost Buis in this instance)
Martins Brandlmayer & Siewert
(Some members of a relationship refer to it as "being with")

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


to KillRadio DJ's
James of Soul Street,
Humberto of Consin,
Ross of Theme Party.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

KillRadio Cannibalizes The Flower


Enjoy full-size pix from the Cannibal show, of killradio dj's Bennett (the chillroom) and Unwrinkled Ear, plus Cannibal Flower impresario LC:
(click "Slide Show")

Lookit our glamorous t-shirt lady!

While you watch, enjoy the full-length audio clips of DJ's Bennett, Unwrinkled Ear, Subflow, Swamp, and World Renowned:

Bennett & Unwrinkled Ear
Hear DJ Swamp get shut down after 2 1/2 minutes!
DJ Subflo
DJ World Renowned

Download mp3's here

Event Details

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

"...IS GOOD" w/ Jon Hershfield


Check out IS GOOD Thursdays 10a-12p. The guest this Thursday March 23rd is British singer/songwriter Jont. Listen to the show Thursday, then on Friday the 24th, come by M Bar to check out "DJ Jon Hershfield presents... Jont" in his exclusive LA performance between SXSW and his return to the UK. This NO COVER event also includes a special guest performance by Mezklah and dj sets by Jon Hershfield and The What Club's aaRon g.

Click play to hear a song by Jont:

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Imagine the quality of lover you'd dig a slanted well for.

With an eye for the piquant and a conch for a
barometer our next internetradio pro gram
appears ready

I can't answer the only question: what to do with
your eyes?


from 9:00-10:30pm
California Time tonite on The Unwrinkled Ear

(served at
I can play stuff from all the new Emanem releases
including a variety-filled foray into the Freedom of the City 2005 set,a bit more new news from News from the Shed, bites of Malcolm Goldstein & Masashi Harada's duo, etc.


(The show on 1/16/06 has finally been completely uploaded, so
get back in there and check out the rest of that one on, all 24 of you folks that
swallowed the first section)

Surpassing colonoscopy penetration levels:
automatic when unwrinkling.

Also, the Duplex Planet needs $$ to finish their
latest project (Growing Old in East L.A.) so go to and send a
gift from the Duplex Planet to someone you care about/ someone you want to care
about you.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Fantasy Resignation Speech Contest is a non-profit internet radio station devoted to the dissemination of alternative news and music. Started five years ago as the audio wing of the Independent Media Center, it now streams live audio media 24/7 with the participation of over 40 dj’s. To provide this service, we occasionally need to raise funds to pay for rent, equipment and bandwidth. Here’s where anyone who cares about rejecting corporate media can help!



Here’s the scoop:

Write a fantasy resignation speech of 3,000 words or less for Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld to be delivered as a radio address, along with a $20 tax-deductible donation to Kill Radio. Your speech will be read on the air (you’ll be informed of what time to listen) and anyone anywhere in the world with internet access can listen live. Killradio dj’s will determine 3 finalists and one grand prize winner.

What you get:

3 Finalists get:
*Your speech read live on
*A goody bag of swag (including cd’s from the shows National Corporate Radio, “…IS GOOD”, Chillroom and more)
*A certificate stating “Finalist” in the “Speak Up We’re Not Listening” Contest

1 Grand prize winner gets:
*Your speech read live on
*A goody bag of swag (including cd’s from the shows National Corporate Radio, “…IS GOOD”, and Chillroom)
*A certificate stating “Winner”
*A T-shirt
*An on-air interview on the Kill Radio News Hour
*Your speech published on the front page of

How to submit:
*Send your written speech of 3,000 words or less to:

“Speak Up” Speech Contest
c/o Kill Radio
3806 Beverly Blvd., #201
Los Angeles, CA 90004

*Along with:

A check for $20 made out to “Kill Radio” or a printed Paypal receipt of $20 made out to This submission fee is tax deductible and helps keep our non-profit alternative media source up and running.

*Include with your speech your name, address and email. We especially need your email so we can let you know when your speech is going to be read on the air. Tell people to tune in to to hear your speech read.

Dates to remember:
*The deadline for this round is April 27.
*Winners will be announced May 16.

For questions, contact

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Scenes And Sounds From The Scene


Some shots of Animatronics, Wulf Hammir, the bar, and some of the crowd. Thanks to all who showed up and rocked in a hard core fashion--y'all done supported KillRadio!

Click for lots more full-size pix!

Audio- complete performances:


Wulf Hammir

Ric Veda

DJ Jewfro

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Kill Radio used this Yurt for our meeting. Now ain't that cool? Thanks to DJ Chicken Leather for pullin' the strings!

Go to for more information about the Not A Cornfield project in downtown L.A.

Lots more Yurt Pix!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Benefit Fundraiser Concert

Benefit Concert in Los Angeles
to Keep KillRadio On The Air
Friday 3/3/06

Just added:
Rock-influenced Indian Meditation @ Midnight w/
(of S@d Bastard)

ANIMATRONICS (psychedelia)

Friday, 3/3/06
9 pm to 1 am

@ The Scene

806 E Colorado St., Glendale, CA 91205

Folks --
The killradio collective needs your help right now.

For nearly six years, killradio has provided an awesome forum for original programming, innovative DJ's, news, commentary, local artists, radio theater, and of course, satire like National Corporate Radio, a parody of NPR.

Believe me, the collective relies on support from people in the community to keep it going. Without your support, killradio's survival is, well, debatable.

This Friday night (yes, that's March 3, 2006, TONIGHT) there is a benefit show for, featuring three of our favorite local bands, WULF HAMMIR, ANIMATRONICS, & RIC VEDA

Won't you come to this cool-ass gig? PLUS, if you're in the Hollywood/Silver Lake area, you can reserve a two buck RIDE to the show! Just shoot an e-mail to to make arrangements.

Please come and support a local collective of artists, dissidents, pranksters, rabblerousers and rockers, the kind that make life worth living. A good time will be had by all.

All Of Us at

p.s. If you can't make the show, please consider donating to the collective. Just visit, and click on the Donate to KR! link.

No, YOU rock.

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Saint Complaint

In order to take advantage of others’ aristocratic hygiene (for once), we’ll be luring these folks into that lefthand sliver of Oklahoma and using their carefully constructed smells to attract tornadoes. We will then trap all tornadoes into this sliver and keep them there constantly and perpetually, even making them visitable.

If you are wondering how we will lure the aristocratically hygiened into this sliver, it is by old-fashioned bait-and-switch: all aboard the next plane to Ibiza!

The Unwrinkled Ear

9:00-10:30pm PST tonight:

Charles Mingus’
1946 composition “This Subdues My Passion”

Assif Tsahar/
Cooper-Moore/ Hamid Drake

Sten Sandell/ Per Anders


All the stuff left in my bag after the set I did last saturday at 828 S. Main St. Los Angeles Noodle

If you’re looking to name your daughter Elvis, try Elvia.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

thurs eve rumble dada

Oh, yes, the rumble city inspector show will clog up your virtual arteries with all the useless musical dross that you should not have helped yourself to.

Items such as old experimental cat calls, punk deodorant commercials and the muppets of east Hollywood will make even death seem a distant happiness.

Then, rev. mo will not amuse you with his incessant prattling and goings-on regarding nothing of interest to anyone. Even himself.

Just bore you to tears, he will.

Thursday, march 2nd 7-9 pm left coast time

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