Thursday, March 09, 2006

Imagine the quality of lover you'd dig a slanted well for.

With an eye for the piquant and a conch for a
barometer our next internetradio pro gram
appears ready

I can't answer the only question: what to do with
your eyes?


from 9:00-10:30pm
California Time tonite on The Unwrinkled Ear

(served at
I can play stuff from all the new Emanem releases
including a variety-filled foray into the Freedom of the City 2005 set,a bit more new news from News from the Shed, bites of Malcolm Goldstein & Masashi Harada's duo, etc.


(The show on 1/16/06 has finally been completely uploaded, so
get back in there and check out the rest of that one on, all 24 of you folks that
swallowed the first section)

Surpassing colonoscopy penetration levels:
automatic when unwrinkling.

Also, the Duplex Planet needs $$ to finish their
latest project (Growing Old in East L.A.) so go to and send a
gift from the Duplex Planet to someone you care about/ someone you want to care
about you.

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