Thursday, December 22, 2005

Stick It In Your Ear!

Religious Sex Holiday Show

Click 'ere to ear the broadcast you missed!
(originally b'cast 12-23, 12p)

  • Adam Haynes, screenwriter of cheesy Freudian sex thriller The Pleasure Drivers (w/Billy Zane & Meatloaf, directed by Reservoir Dogs-cinematographer, Andrzej Sekula), discusses born-again Christian gangsters and Quentin Tarantino's absentee directing. (complete interview)
  • Julie & Dawn, from the LA Dream Center, discuss prostitute ministries, donkeys, and toys.
  • Meg of Porno Mania will describe the benefits of various vibrators.
  • DJ D, the sucka-free DJ, will discuss her new art 'zine Movement.
  • F. Castro, local poet will recite her anger-filled poetry, written for her girlfriend.
  • Sexy Partying Humans muse on gender confusion.
  • Alex Ebert, of the Virgin Records band I'm A Robot, talks about getting busted by the LA fuzz at the Peaches show at his house. yES, VIRGIN.
  • Xavier Cugat's adulterated Cuban rhumbas, recorded 1940-1945
  • Timothy Leary, meditations (medications?)
  • Animatronics, lovely LA psychedelic band, recorded live @ Hangar 1018
  • Johny Cash tributes
  • and more....
Click this to listen to the broadcast you missed!

Johny Radio

This is my comment: Nice stuff here. Enjoyed the Meg interview and the music throughout.  

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Angel of Cacophony

Cody Wyoming brings more listening madness to you about you, and for you
in '06. Cinemornings promises great social topics, pertinent cinema and
a direct connection to you. The audio madness may change your view! Tune
in Saturdays at 10am.

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experimental dance & pop mixed into a thick rich collage
hosted by dj bennett

Here are some anonymous listener posts:
"Great show. Listening to it now. I'll put that one
on the regular playlist for multiple airings.
Just a note to say hey, and thanks for the
"makes you listen to music for the first time again"
"You are part of the new wave of dj culture, one
that is no longer concerned with b.p.m. but with
horizontal mental dances."
"The best show on Killradio."
"what the hell is going on?"

2006 marks the 9th year of The Chill Room
Listen live Saturday midnights PST on killradio
Or just check the KR archives!

bennett - email

The Chill Room Saturday nights midnight PST
Past shows available on the killradio archive
And on

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Monday, December 19, 2005


Phrequency & Phrenology with Dr. Groovy Saturdays 4:30-6 pm PST

Stimulating minutes that you wish were days. You want to fall into this warm blankety bed of lush ambient and then turn on the colored lights with psychedelia, garage and finally bang the wall of industrial and hardcore. I seek to explore your conscious and unconscious in overt and subversive ways, as you call at 213-252-0998 or AOLIM to killradiostation. You will love it and beg for more. We will examine events and politics for the simple and complex psychological games that they are. Guests include locals artists and DJs and a "Win a date with..." These sounds will mold your mind and morph your world. Peace#

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Ready Set Go w/ Jac-Jac-Jackie!

Happy Holidaze Everyone! I hope this past year has been a fun-ny filled series of events for you and you and you. Mine sure was awesome! I hope to carry on the Indie Music filled liveliness throughout the upcoming New Year 2006. I have guests: Bands (occassionally have live acoustic sets in the studio), djs, authors, promotors on Ready Set Go! Log on ev'ry Sundays 10p-12midnite If you or anyone you know is interested being my guest, please let me know.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Radio Misterioso!

It's Art Bell with brains and balls! Listen to Radio Misterioso for interviews with weirdos and wacky music from people you've never heard of. Recent talks on the show have covered UFOs, underground cities, Nikola Tesla, cattle mutilations, and government involvement with it all. If you're lucky, you'll also hear classic "bad" music like "Stinky Poodle" by Tangela Tricoli, 60's homosexual records, or the stylings of Australian punk big-band vocalist Singing Sadie.

Are you hard to annoy? We're waiting for you. Can you take it?

Find out from 8-10PM Sundays at

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The People Who Do That Hour of Comedy (Tuesdays 7-8 p.m.)


Tune in Tuesday, December 20, at 7 p.m. for new, live National Corporate Radio coverage of various elements of our screwed-up world. You are likely to hear coverage of the War on Christmas and the latest Downing Street Memo Scandal. On Tuesday, December 27, we will bring you Live Comedy Stuff, and/or Golden Gems, and/or weird funky sounds. But then it's gonna be 2006. Oooo! We're gonna hit ya hard then, I think. Stay tuned, won't you?

You need to know more about The People. Yes, you do. Please go to Now.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Close Your Eyes/Marc


Close Your Eyes - Music, Conversation, Meditation

Where can y'all hear everyone from Prefuse 73 to Ben Webster or Javier Solis to Bent? Oh and THEN enjoy great discussions covering everything from our personal potential to the spiritual basis of prosperity? O.k., enough questions, here's the answers: "Close Your Eyes" webcasts each Friday from 10am to 12pm Pacific Time, playing a wide range of music amidst a wide range of discussions about the spiritual aspect of our lives. Hosted by DJ and spiritual practitioner, Marc Caldwell, CYA is a show about spirituality for non-religious people. Every show finishes with meditation. For more info. check out or email Marc at

CYA will not be webcasting on Friday, December 23rd but returns Friday December 30 with music by Moloko, Jeff Buckley, Philip Glass, DJ Migs, Lionel Hampton, Prefuse 73, Talking Heads and Ella Fitzgerald among others--Oh and we will be continuing the series of discussions on the consciousness of prosperity.#

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Killradio newsletter "...IS GOOD"

Listen to "...IS GOOD" w/ Jon Hershfield Thursdays 10a-12noon on! Imposing my narrow view of aural goodness with my personally huge and hugely personal collection of good music and talented friends. Past guests include up-and-comers Test Shot Starfish, Mezklah, George Sarah, Silver, Justin Catalino and more... This Thursday Dec 22 my guest will be Novi Split. Check out
For more info on the show, go to, add me as a friend, get links to music sets, interviews, live performances, playlists and more... and check out the blog for future guests.#

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Monday, December 12, 2005

LAPD Harassment in South Central

Female attorney is getting late night harassing calls from rogue LAPD
officers because she's trying to help at risk youth. Listen on
and type in "LAPD Harassment" will be on radio4all January 2006

KillRadio Friday 6pm News#

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

unwrinkled ear synaesthesia

YOu can hear lots of music from Australia's
Synaesthesia label from Dec. 8 - Jan 5. on THE
UNWRINKLED EAR Thursdays 9:00-10:30pm and you'll hear
jazz too#

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Killradio/imc non-corporate, non-soundbite, non-violent, empowerment sustainability
news 4-6pm pst Wednesdays
audio from groups against state sponsored corporatism with dj SUS D.#

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