Thursday, December 22, 2005

Stick It In Your Ear!

Religious Sex Holiday Show

Click 'ere to ear the broadcast you missed!
(originally b'cast 12-23, 12p)

  • Adam Haynes, screenwriter of cheesy Freudian sex thriller The Pleasure Drivers (w/Billy Zane & Meatloaf, directed by Reservoir Dogs-cinematographer, Andrzej Sekula), discusses born-again Christian gangsters and Quentin Tarantino's absentee directing. (complete interview)
  • Julie & Dawn, from the LA Dream Center, discuss prostitute ministries, donkeys, and toys.
  • Meg of Porno Mania will describe the benefits of various vibrators.
  • DJ D, the sucka-free DJ, will discuss her new art 'zine Movement.
  • F. Castro, local poet will recite her anger-filled poetry, written for her girlfriend.
  • Sexy Partying Humans muse on gender confusion.
  • Alex Ebert, of the Virgin Records band I'm A Robot, talks about getting busted by the LA fuzz at the Peaches show at his house. yES, VIRGIN.
  • Xavier Cugat's adulterated Cuban rhumbas, recorded 1940-1945
  • Timothy Leary, meditations (medications?)
  • Animatronics, lovely LA psychedelic band, recorded live @ Hangar 1018
  • Johny Cash tributes
  • and more....
Click this to listen to the broadcast you missed!

Johny Radio

This is my comment: Nice stuff here. Enjoyed the Meg interview and the music throughout.  

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