Thursday, May 31, 2007

25 year steep

LEO records turned twenty-five
And they did it with a gift for us all: a two CD affair of gems
We've GOT to roll it around in our ears this evening on THE UNWRINKLED EAR
listen in on from 21:00-22:30 Pacific Coast Time, Thursday
And it's a good time to dip into the vast back catalog of old LEO favorites too
You know, a little LOKOMOTIV KONKRET
perhaps a BENNINK
we'll riff all around and for sure slide several cuts off the new discs across
Bankfuckruptcy just ain't in the cards.
Last week's show, which can be heard on was:
Rhodri Davies/ Alessandra Rombola/ Ingar Zach
Mic Mulligan
Bowie & Bing
Edwin Starr
Snoop Dogg
Sten Sandell
Fred Lane
Waste Kings
Eyvind Kang
Waylon Jennings
Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Carlo Actis Dato 4tet
Sun City Girls
Led Zepplin
Nabatov/ Lovens/ Gratkowski
Bach - Queerfloten
Low Dynamic Orchestra

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

barely perfumed radio

If you spent last night beating soft frozen yogurt back into a live culture, wow,  have I got a reprieve for you. Tonite/ Thursday, only from 21:00-22:30 Hollywood time, there will be radio hanging in the air like triggers of emergency incense.
We'll have a nice long trio improv by Allessandra Rombola (flutes), Rhodri Davies (harp) and Ingar Zach (percussion)
                a good slash from Fred Lane
                              a song from Sten Sandell
                                            and a huge whoop from Eyvind Kang
You've already got a sense of humor and a sense of rhythm, both things salvation lacks, so cash in.
Last week's take:  
John Butcher/ Paul Nilssen-Love
Kashmere Stage Band
Chales Mingus sextet
Helmut Lachenmann
Hermann Keller
Huun Huur-tu
Gil Trythall//\\Don Hinson
Misha Mengelberg/ Ben Perowsky/ Greg Cohen
Najwa Fouad
Lafayette Gilchrist
a Cantonese 45
Jimmy Giuffre 3
Giuffre solo

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jenkins Splendor

Don't gaze sadly - like at a tire that is flat - upon your leisure
Tune in to The Unwrinkled Ear radio program on
Every Thursday from 21:00-22:30 Pacific Coast time
Tonite we'll tenderize a nose of Helmut Lachenmann
a craw of Misha Mengelberg
and a beak of thumping plunder from Goodiepal
Last week we had a Greek Festival
minus the iconic columns
substituting instead
noises that melt in the mouth
last week's filigree:
Renaldo Domino
Kapotte Muziek (Telepherique)
Reverse Mouth
Clebanoff and his Orchestra
Bill Douglas
Shady Ladies
Tono Bungay
Kim Tak Building
Suzy Wan-Ommm
Laurent Plessiet
Una Nina Malvada
Axel Doerner
The Cult
Jan M. Iversen
Golden Palominos (the 1 good incarnation)

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Greek music this week

When tourists visit hell, they are required to avoid scorning the pitiful and abandoned roasting therein: their daily ration already contains the perfect amount.
But when you tune into The Unwrinkled Ear on Thursdays from 21:00-22:30 Pacific Standard Time on, the delight across the abyss is immeasurable.
Which is one reason we're going Greek this week. Greek labels, Greek musicians. Sometimes one and not the other.
Kapotte Muziek
Phase Records
The Shady Ladies
Triple Bath
Reverse Mouth
We'll suburp the philosophical nostalgia and crunch digitalia instead
Abyss Doom Bah.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sidsel - an engine for a lifetime

Tonite's episode of The Unwrinkeld Ear has been a long time in the making
We're going to refeature the amazing Norwegian vocalist Sidsel Endresen,
whose "One" album on SOFA we have all been bending closer towards the speaker for.
And now we've got a big special on her past work:
a vocal trio called GACK!
a duo album with keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft
her collaboration with Punkt
a number or two from her UNDERTOW release under her own name
and phenomenon samples from inside Merriwinkle, her trio record with Christian Wallumr√∂d and Helge Sten
The sugary funk of electrical wiring cooking its rubber insulation never had it so good.
Not only that, we're gonna hear a Jessica Rylan cut that's been folding me over a lot
and some of my favorite documents of Celtic mouth music
It all happens between 21:00-22:30 LA time on - Thursdays
Don't mask your satisfaction with uncertain fidgets.
Last week's playlist:
Art Pepper
Steve Beresford/ Tania Chen
Furious Pig
Dead C
Jocy de Oliveira
Trad Gras Och Stenar
Yasemin Kunral
Lito Barrietos y su Orchestra
Asha Puthli
Phoebus People
Bob & Gene
Blue's Rhythym Combo
The Brothers Johnson
Caetano Veloso/ Gilberto Gil
Cecil Taylor Feel Trio

Sorry to append this to your post, Andrew - the Ear's a fine music show - but there seems no other way of communicating my alarm at what's happening to the station generally. This is directed at everyone, not at yourself.

I've tried posting my concerns to the list (as suggested on the website), but nothing came of that. Oh well, it's the Collective's list, and it's entitled to do with mails as it pleases. But I'm not letting it rest there, because I care about the station.

It's May 8, and yours is the only post since the MayDay police riot. The page seems even more out of date, with no news additions since March 24. You wouldn't know from the postings here that there's anything up with the world. I guess they don't call it lalaland for nothing.

What the fuck's going on with Kill? "A collective organization committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice"?. How does 90% of the station's output express this mission? How does it express any mission?

I know some presenters covered what happened on May 1st. And some do news regularly. But amid the horrors of a criminal war, the aftermath of Katrina and continuing attacks by the lunatic right on rights and wellbeing, Killradio's political voice has fallen largely silent in the last two years.

Instead of fighting for change, the station's been reduced mostly to a diet of music of widely varying quality, most of it creatively bland and politically irrelevant.

I know November '04 hit everyone there really hard after everything they'd done to achieve a better result - I felt that just from listening. But it's 2007 now. America's different, and it's time for politics.

I don't tune into KillRadio for mall muzak, I've been listening for five years because I found information and inspiration in its critique of injustice and state violence. The music was a part of the mix rather than being nearly all of it.

Enough of the light entertainment, already. The world's awash with pop stations: nobody fucking cares about another one. It's time the Collective started performing the mission for which it was created, a mission for which there's an audience. If a station called Kill hasn't any fight, there's not much hope for it.  

hey dave thanks for the email.
we've been talking as a group about some of the things you brought up, and appreciate you chiming in.

we are currently working to get more political programming.

and we are working on restructuring the webpage so that we can update it more easily and put more up to date info on it.

your concerns echo some of the similar problems we've had internally as a group, but it's always good to hear it from the listeners perspective.

thanks, and hopefully you (and we) will see some action on these fronts soon.


Hey dave thanks for the comments. your concerns echo some things we've been discussing internally and things we are already wokring on.

for one, we are attempting to raise money for a redesign of our website so more people can update it it on a more regular basis with more topical items.

and we also are seeking more directly political programming.

we are working on the things that concern you!  

Hi, Andrew (and Anon)

Thanks for the understanding & helpful responses, especially after the show was unfortunate enough to have my unrelated criticisms attached to its announcement.

One thing I would like to add - could the station please revive the defunct listener message board? I know traffic there was minimal even before the virus attack, but it provided a forum for raising concerns before they became frustrations.  

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