Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jenkins Splendor

Don't gaze sadly - like at a tire that is flat - upon your leisure
Tune in to The Unwrinkled Ear radio program on
Every Thursday from 21:00-22:30 Pacific Coast time
Tonite we'll tenderize a nose of Helmut Lachenmann
a craw of Misha Mengelberg
and a beak of thumping plunder from Goodiepal
Last week we had a Greek Festival
minus the iconic columns
substituting instead
noises that melt in the mouth
last week's filigree:
Renaldo Domino
Kapotte Muziek (Telepherique)
Reverse Mouth
Clebanoff and his Orchestra
Bill Douglas
Shady Ladies
Tono Bungay
Kim Tak Building
Suzy Wan-Ommm
Laurent Plessiet
Una Nina Malvada
Axel Doerner
The Cult
Jan M. Iversen
Golden Palominos (the 1 good incarnation)

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