Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dead C Giveaway

I drank a stout with a spider in it and came up with this week's radio show in anticipation of the active legs.
Shimmering ear hair, etc.
We'll have a number from the new Dead C record and a giveaway of Dead C merch to boot
a splash from a Steve Beresford/ Tania Chen duo
a song about walruses
a smack from Art Pepper
and a bellow of Furious Pig
Thursdays on from 21:00-22:30: it's The Unwrinkled Ear
Good for torn clothes tournaments too.
Last week's playlist:
Jean Knight
No Spaghetti Edition
Thin Lizzy
Hannes Enzelberger
Phil Minton 4tet
Terry Day & Minton//+\Fe-Mail
Righteous Bros.
Flatlands Collective//+\Chris Burn
Zu & Nobukazu Takemura
Jeremy Drake/ Chris Heenan/ Michael Vorfeld
Henk Badings
The Fucking Champs
Dr. Hook
Kazutoki Umezu
L. Ruffin
Bobby Bradford/ J. Stevens/ T. Watts/ K. Carter

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

More radio than last week

I couldn't do my show last week because of a sea urchin situation
that I brought onto myself,
so this week we'll make things even
with heavy draughts of improvisation:
A 2001 meeting between Lol Coxhill and Pat Thomas
A 2006 duo of Terry Day and either Rhodri Davies or Phil Minton (I haven't decided which yet)
and a wire slice of Jeremy Drake and Chris Heenan's recent Team Up with Michael Vorfeld
Think of it as a survival kit. Live from 21:00-22:30 PST Thursday on - The Unwrinkled Ear
I would.  

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cayenne Butter Attitude

I made biscuits for all my co-workers this morning, and I'll bring the cayenne butter attutude to the radio tonite
21:00-22:30 PST Thursday on
I'll make a commitment to play this music tonite:
selections from Eugene Chadbourne and Paul Lovens' 'In the Malakoff Diggings' from 2002
"There's No Way" from the new Fred Lonberg-Holm trio album
There's some obvious cement here. It's The Unwrinkled Ear
This is last week's playlist:
Elisabeth Flunger
Koch/ Schutz/ Studer
Namchylak/ Evan Parker
Namchylak/ Roy Carroll
Namchylak w/ 9 Tuvans
"I Get Lifted"
Victoria Hendricks
Ernst Jandl
Frederic Blondy/ David Chiesa/ Xavier Charles
Harold Ousley
Art Pepper 4tet
Michiyo Yagi/ Paulownia Crush//\\Jessica Rylan
Audrey Chen/ Tastuya Nakatani/ Susan Alcorn

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