Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cayenne Butter Attitude

I made biscuits for all my co-workers this morning, and I'll bring the cayenne butter attutude to the radio tonite
21:00-22:30 PST Thursday on
I'll make a commitment to play this music tonite:
selections from Eugene Chadbourne and Paul Lovens' 'In the Malakoff Diggings' from 2002
"There's No Way" from the new Fred Lonberg-Holm trio album
There's some obvious cement here. It's The Unwrinkled Ear
This is last week's playlist:
Elisabeth Flunger
Koch/ Schutz/ Studer
Namchylak/ Evan Parker
Namchylak/ Roy Carroll
Namchylak w/ 9 Tuvans
"I Get Lifted"
Victoria Hendricks
Ernst Jandl
Frederic Blondy/ David Chiesa/ Xavier Charles
Harold Ousley
Art Pepper 4tet
Michiyo Yagi/ Paulownia Crush//\\Jessica Rylan
Audrey Chen/ Tastuya Nakatani/ Susan Alcorn

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