Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OLMECA tonight on ConSin

Tune in tonight for a final chapter in what you've come to know and love as ConSin.
music, revelry, new beginnings....
and to really do it right...
11pm we will talk with Olmeca
just back from Chiapas
and ready to hit LA with a record release show at the Knitting Factory
this Sunday March 5th 8pm
plus Quinto Sol / Bocafloja / Upground / Son Del Centro / DJ Sloepoke
We got a PAIR of TICKETS to give away too
maybe more if you show some love.
so listen tonight
on killradio.org
10pm to midnight pacific.
check out Olmeca at
did i say we got tickets?

what do you mean final chapter??  

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Dr. Reverend Freddie Pinkney Takes On Whirlpool

Reverend Freddie Pinkney.... has been a political activist in Benton Harbor, Michigan for years, defending community rights against the corporate tide of Whirlpool, who's headquarters virtually owns and enriches half the town, while neglecting and rejecting the poor, mostly black side of town.

Now Whirlpool, and it's cronies in the local city gov, have Dr. Pinkney on trial for alleged election fraud. Dr. Pinkney maintains it's a sham perpetrated in order to get him out of their elitist hair.

Dr. Pinkney cannot afford his legal expenses. He's asking for help. Please absorb this material, and put the word out, if you can.


Dr. Pinkney's interview on KillRadio
(scroll to bottom for "Rev. Pinkney Interview")

Email statements by and about Dr. Pinkney

Whirlpool Boycott, 2/06

Dr. Pinkney's email address

Dr. Pinkney's MySpace
Do you want to help Dr. Pinkney put up his own myspace page? He doesn't have the time or ability. Go for it, he needs it.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006



Saturday, February 25, 2006
9:30 PM - 2:00 AM

828 S.MAIN ST, DOWNTOWN LA, Los Angeles, CA 90014
$7, $5 Walking Art

Now in it's sixth year, the Cannibal Flower Art Gallery and Performance Space is a once-a-month showcase for art, music, dance, film, projections, magic and fashion shows. It's also a rocking dance-party.

This Saturday 2/25, 9:30 pm - 2 am.

100 visual artists, live band, 5+ DJ's, and you.

Featuring Drum 'n Bass, Hip-Hop, Sound Sculpture, and Free Jazz:
DJ Curator, johny radio

Visual Artists

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Radio FingerFOod

Willy wants to save; I want to savor: now.

Tonite: no guests, nothing special, just frighteningly
sexy sounds.

The Unwrinkled Ear
9:00-10:30 California time

Don’t forget the archives at www.radio4all.net

I love you Cecil Taylor

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

please, let us get ready to rumble, y'all

Rev. Mo is back with his Rumble City Inspector Show this Thursday, Feb. 23rd and it's gonna be a hoot, since he'll be playing all sorts of twisted and obscure country tunes! Yes, it's the semi'annual "just what the hell do you call country" show...

we got your tom jones and nick lowe singin' trucker songs, we got yer japanese, balkan and brazillian country tunes, we got your german and hindi cowboy yodels, plus odd country psychedelia from kenny rogers, kris kristofferson and many others...

so gather 'round the virtual campfire and but up your authentic John Wayne Boots and lissen up thursday 7 pm to 9 pm left coast time.

And tell yer pa.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Party With The Studio Fix


click to hear what you missed

Sunday, February 19 2006.

5-630 pm.

Three Extraordinary Women.

On Your Computer.


The Studio Fix.

Stick It In Your Ear!

Cost: FREE (as usual)

Hear a live set plus interview with this smart and passionate LA girl band. from LA.
These 3 rocking girls will rock your world.

They will be playing a rare acoustic set, babbling & blabbing, and spinning some records.

They'll be playing stuff they dont usually play and a new one off their upcoming ep.

Tune in at 5pm Sunday 2/19,
Right here, or at Killradio.org.

Talk to them on 213-252-0998
AIM: killradiostation

Their homepage:

the dj formerly known as johny radio
Jenna, Paco, and Jacqueline



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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dip a blowpop into cold white wine

A woman who works in my office is obsessed with
hearts. So obsessed that she “changed her birthday” to
Valentine’s Day. The Unwrinkled Ear has been on
hiatus. We are back tonite, and with special fervor.
Leticia Castenada will be coming into the studio and
having us chomp on her gems. Let’s hope she brings her
synthesizer along with her usual top-notch
synechdoche. Expect compellation.

We’ll also be doing a small tribute to
Jay-Dee/J-Dilla, playing a couple tracks from his most
recent full-length,Donuts, which was released on 2/7.
He succumbed to the incurable blood disease that he
had been suffering from for the last three years on
2/10. Direct positive emotions to his mother Maureen

The Unwrinkled Ear is on www.killradio.org Thursdays

For those of you in the LA area: a new Cecil Taylor
documentary will be screening at this year’s
Pan-African Film Festival on 2/20 at 4:20 in the
afternoon. Check out www.paff.org for more details.

“Make the most of every goddamn day.”

Excellent, love it!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

unwrinkled ear 2/16 update

LA's own Leticia Castaneda will be airing out the new
sonic laundry on the Unwrinkled Ear 9:00-10:30pm on
Thursday. Also: the revivication of the "snack slap"

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We support 24 hours/day of streaming music and news programming, but who supports us??

Well, if you care about maintaining a viable alternative to corporate radio, you can help by donating even just a few bucks. Why not Paypal some spare change to kr-finance@killradio.org? Your donation to our non-profit organization is tax deductible and may have a hand in changing the world...

Oh, but you want stuff too...

Well, for any donation of $10 or more, you can get a copy of the underground compilation This "...IS GOOD" Vol.1. The IS GOOD cd has 17 live, rare or unreleased tracks from up-and-coming Los Angeles artists who've been guests on "...IS GOOD" w/ Jon Hershfield.

Check out www.myspace.com/thisisgood for all the details (including audio samples)!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Eloise Klein Healy on The Hacienda Tues Feb 21 9pm

Eloise Klein Healy on The Hacienda Tues Feb 21 9 pm

Los Angeles poet Eloise Klein Healy - winner of may awards and
fellowships, including Antioch University's Horace Mann and a COLA
(City of Los Angeles) fellowship awarded by the Cultural Affairs
Department of the City of Los Angeles - will be my guest on The
Hacienda Tuesday February 21 (9 - 10 pm). Google her name and be
amazed. Or just tune in and be blown away - just as I am everytime I
hear her read. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!

-Boy Howdy

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NCR--National Corporate Radio™


You need more biting news satire parody snarkiness. It feels so good. NCR is on the "air" (if by air, you mean "the Internets," and you do).

Please tune in, log on, or hack yourself toward KillRadio every Tuesday from 7-8 p.m. for National Corporate Radio, presented by The People Who Do That. In fact, you should tune in to KillRadio News with Jon Hershfield right before us at 6 p.m. It's like peanut butter and chocolate, baby!

This month, National Corporate Radio will bring you cutting edge stories about the Jackie Abramoff scandal; NCR's fast-paced issues debate show, What's The Point with Borrin Only mediating a discussion about Iran; Pat Robertson's views on the world; a Chalk Up the Nation discussion of the NSA domestic spying scandal, Borrin Only's exclusive interview with the cartoon version of the prophet Muhammed, and much more late-breaking updates from Our News For You™.

Plus, watch out for NCR's newest release coming soon: the 2006 State of the Union speech (edited and remixed for clarity).

Wonderful and informative web site. I used information from that site its great. » »  

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The KR Tues News 6p-7p

The KR Tues News: Tuesdays 6p-7p. Jon Hershfield reads the news like a bedtime story to a dead baby. The KR Tuesday News features the weekly Iraq Body Count, fun with media files from truthout.org, libertynewstv.com, guerillanews.com and more, plus "Mom's Emails", live interviews, and open discussions with other KR dj's.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

"...IS GOOD" w/ Jon Hershfield Thurs 10a-12p


"...IS GOOD" w/ Jon Hershfield: Thursdays 10a-12noon. Nic Harcourt ain't got nothin on me! An hour of quality acid jazz, electronica, indie rock and more, plus a new live performance and interview every week with an up-and-coming local artist. Check out past episodes with such talents as Divisible, Fire Bug, Telegenetic, Novi Split, Eyesight Project, Test Shot Starfish, George Sarah and much more by going to www.myspace.com/jonhershfieldmusic and following the links to the killradio.org archives!

February's started out great with rock trio Solare and later in the month tune in for more great guests like Sonus Quartet and Gretchen Lieberum!

Plus, Saturday February 11th, DJ Jon Hershfield presents "...IS GOOD" guest Letting Up Despite Great Faults live at M Bar (1253 N. Vine St., Hollywood). Doors @ 10p. NO COVER. Check out this video of Letting Up... performing live @ Kill Radio:

Video sent by johnyradio

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Hosted by Jaime every Friday night starting at 7pm PST, XENOPHONE! is a 60 minute moody, madcap melange of musical styles past, present and future. Playlists are available here: http://www.myspace.com/4256751. Log on and listen!

Fridays 7pm-8pm pst
"for those touched by wonder
touchy about reality
and in touch with their imagination"

Very nice site! » »  

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Friday, February 03, 2006


4:30-6pm PST Saturdays, feel the love, feel the warm. Allow the dulcet
tones of song and sounds reach in and massage your mind with healing love
and knowledge. Call or IM us with you issues and we will soothe our woes, or
just give words to your concerns. Guest host DJ Tomy Salsa for a Phrebruary
to remember....Peace.

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Lost In Paradise


To my dearest audience,

Remove yourself from everyday reality into howling, screeching, toe tapping, blood gushing, and heart pumping exotic sounds of paradise. Don't be terrified, ladies and gents, by the possible sounds coming out of your speakers by tuning in.

Escape monotony and brand names and tune into Rockabilly, Country Boppers, Screaming Wildmen, Garage, Surf, Hot Rod Vocals, Swamp Pop, Black Rockers, R&B, White Sounds, Beatnik, Doo Wop, Vocal Groups, Instrumentals and plenty more…

Back to a time when sounds actually mattered…
Wink wink…

Yours truly,
Angel Baby

Lost In Paradise @ killradio.org
Wednesday 9:30-11:00 AM PST

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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Wednesday Killradio Non-Corporate Non-Soundbite Non-Violent Empowerment News with
I have been asked to help produce a video on the Venice California homeless situation.
For the next few months I will be playing audio from the interviews I get. This
includes a list I am compiling of experts and public officials that will speak on
everything from economics and sociology to sustainability. As always, this will
be punctuated with progressive rock, jazz fusion bootlegs including several SOAD
Thanks to the Independent Media Center and all that support independent media in
all its forms.

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A meetin'

Some people, meeting about some kinda radio station, talking about some issues. And stuff.

Wasn't Animal House in the 70's or 80's? Well, I guess the grey and receding hair lines gives that one away!  

jim bolushi's dumb insult is ageist, blind, and sounds like something a fratboy would say. clearly KR has kids in their 20's to 60's. wow, intergenerational collaboration. how unamerican.  

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