Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dip a blowpop into cold white wine

A woman who works in my office is obsessed with
hearts. So obsessed that she “changed her birthday” to
Valentine’s Day. The Unwrinkled Ear has been on
hiatus. We are back tonite, and with special fervor.
Leticia Castenada will be coming into the studio and
having us chomp on her gems. Let’s hope she brings her
synthesizer along with her usual top-notch
synechdoche. Expect compellation.

We’ll also be doing a small tribute to
Jay-Dee/J-Dilla, playing a couple tracks from his most
recent full-length,Donuts, which was released on 2/7.
He succumbed to the incurable blood disease that he
had been suffering from for the last three years on
2/10. Direct positive emotions to his mother Maureen

The Unwrinkled Ear is on Thursdays

For those of you in the LA area: a new Cecil Taylor
documentary will be screening at this year’s
Pan-African Film Festival on 2/20 at 4:20 in the
afternoon. Check out for more details.

“Make the most of every goddamn day.”

Excellent, love it!

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