Thursday, May 24, 2007

barely perfumed radio

If you spent last night beating soft frozen yogurt back into a live culture, wow,  have I got a reprieve for you. Tonite/ Thursday, only from 21:00-22:30 Hollywood time, there will be radio hanging in the air like triggers of emergency incense.
We'll have a nice long trio improv by Allessandra Rombola (flutes), Rhodri Davies (harp) and Ingar Zach (percussion)
                a good slash from Fred Lane
                              a song from Sten Sandell
                                            and a huge whoop from Eyvind Kang
You've already got a sense of humor and a sense of rhythm, both things salvation lacks, so cash in.
Last week's take:  
John Butcher/ Paul Nilssen-Love
Kashmere Stage Band
Chales Mingus sextet
Helmut Lachenmann
Hermann Keller
Huun Huur-tu
Gil Trythall//\\Don Hinson
Misha Mengelberg/ Ben Perowsky/ Greg Cohen
Najwa Fouad
Lafayette Gilchrist
a Cantonese 45
Jimmy Giuffre 3
Giuffre solo

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