Thursday, March 02, 2006

Saint Complaint

In order to take advantage of others’ aristocratic hygiene (for once), we’ll be luring these folks into that lefthand sliver of Oklahoma and using their carefully constructed smells to attract tornadoes. We will then trap all tornadoes into this sliver and keep them there constantly and perpetually, even making them visitable.

If you are wondering how we will lure the aristocratically hygiened into this sliver, it is by old-fashioned bait-and-switch: all aboard the next plane to Ibiza!

The Unwrinkled Ear

9:00-10:30pm PST tonight:

Charles Mingus’
1946 composition “This Subdues My Passion”

Assif Tsahar/
Cooper-Moore/ Hamid Drake

Sten Sandell/ Per Anders


All the stuff left in my bag after the set I did last saturday at 828 S. Main St. Los Angeles Noodle

If you’re looking to name your daughter Elvis, try Elvia.

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