Saturday, January 21, 2006

2 separate blurbs

Please note this is two separate blurbs for two shows, and I ask that they please be separated in the newletter.  Thanks.

experimental dance & pop mixed into a thick rich collage
hosted by dj bennett

Here are some listener posts:
"Great show. Listening to it now. I'll put that one
on the regular playlist for multiple airings.
Just a note to say hey, and thanks for the
"makes you listen to music for the first time again"
"You are part of the new wave of dj culture, one
that is no longer concerned with b.p.m. but with
horizontal mental dances."
"Fuckin' awesome show!"
"The best show on Killradio."
"what the hell is going on?"

Recent shows include "Magickal Performance" based
on the Donald Cammell-Nicolas Roeg masterpiece,
"Bataille" including readings of rare and xxx-rated
Bataille texts, "William Burroughs Welcomes You
Aboard" from my collection of Burroughs cutup tape
experiments, and other liberating themes to keep
your mouth open in amazement.  Check them out!

Listen live Saturday midnights PST on killradio

Or just check the KR archives!
Also available on (search for "bennett")

Moaning Becomes Me
is now official.
Tuesday mornings 8am to noon PST
bennett digs for music, rants about politics,
plays head games, and moans incessantly.
Hey -- anything is better than listening
to KCRW!

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