Thursday, May 04, 2006

untoasted unmelted cheese sandwich

Before achieving the greatest altitude on our scenic flight 
pell-mell towards fascism
that is USA rewardation,
            the rodeo of clouds
that is The Unwrinkled Ear
(9:00-10:30pm PST Thursdays on
brings to broadcast two major blessings:
1) The just-thrust-upon-the-earth
         second outing from 
         Butcher/ Charles/ Dorner's "Contest of Pleasures"
         (Where would our desires bide w/o Potlatch?)
2)  "Truant Runts" - a spank tank
                from Jack Wright (saxophones) and Michael Johnsen (saw & electronics)
                on a CD-R label just hatched from a barn in southern pennsylvania -
It's the only projection of abundant skies
that's left to plough

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