Thursday, July 13, 2006

Roaming Herd

no sooner are the eyes shut than the athleticism of radio takes hold
this week's show will constantly feature Sten Hanson and Philip Samartzis
layered and unwrinkled with the care given to only the forest of fathers
The Unwrinkled Ear 9:00-10:30pm Thursday night Los Angeles time
rear a martyr
last week's playlist:
Chris Burn ensemble
Dead C.
Hanson w/ Henri Chopin
Your Friends
Fred Wesley & JBs
Pierre Cartier
Labrosse/ Tetreault
Sten Hanson
Paul Berge
Zulaikha and his assistants
Amon Duul II
Thinking Fellers Union
Tago Mago
Chika Shinohara
Russ Bolleter
Rhodri Davies/ Hans Koch
Lionel Marchetti/ Jerome Noetinger/ Sophie Agnel

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