Friday, July 14, 2006

Theme Party TONIGHT: Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do!

Theme Party just read about a show called "Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty," in which the erstwhile 90210 vixen intercedes on your behalf to break up with your significant other, boss, barber, etc.

Eff that! We could do it so much better! And tonight, we shall! It's THEME PARTY: Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do!

Why go to the big screen for hackneyed breakup stories starring Jen and Vince when you can hear The Eligible Ross Lincoln, Kyle MCDC, and special guests discuss their OWN breakups! From awkward relationship killers to "take this job and shove it," we've got a whole mess of stories to tell. We'll also discuss notable band breakups, makeup sex, and who we WISH would break up. It's gonna be rad.

So! Tune in tonight from 9-11pm PST...just check out our Myspace for details or hit up the official site . And don't forget to AOL IM us comments, questions, stories, or requests at "themepartyradio" while we're online.

It's not you, baby. It's us.


Theme Party

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