Thursday, August 24, 2006

bride or gun?

Q: Gun Show or Bride Expo?
A: Radio
Wide focus is required tonite as The Unwrinkled Ear puts the spotlight
on a new 3 CD cpmoliatrion cumpalotron compilation -
                               WOMEN TAKE BACK THE NOISE!
Nothing but females who experiment s=wut sound with sound
Definitely going to dig down into tracls tracks by:
Jessica Rylan                                 
Michiko Kawagoe                                      9:00-10:30pm LA time 
Cheryl E. Leonard                                     
CJ Reaven Borosque
Fari Bradley
Yes to cartridges!

Definitely will be listening in tonite- this is great. So happy to hear you're enjoying the comp.

Best wishes,
ninah px.e / ubuibi  

I missed this, will it be up again anywhere? Thanks for the play anyhow.  

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