Thursday, August 17, 2006

Punctured Fabric Radio

The clinical vs.ephemeral backlash can wait no more: the 7" dig is on tonite                 9:00-10:30pm California time
The Unwrinkled Ear will play lots of 7"s
some will be by:
Keith Rowe
God is My Co-Pilot
Schwermut Forest
might even get into that Pigbag 45 vs. 33 choice vs. debate vs. mood determiner
(A determinator sounds like a good adjective for something powerfully pinpointing, 
but to hear the true sense of this depends on a freedom from, 
even a non-recognizance of, 
the schwarznegger burden)
It's as satisfying as crab with black bean sauce, but I do all the handislimework

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