Friday, August 25, 2006

Theme Party Literary Supplement Tonight!

Tired of pretentious Newspaper Literary Supplements with stories about the time the author lost his or her virginity, fiction set during the French Revolution, only in the most boring possible way, or an inspiring yet hilarious story about a working girl who meets a cute boy and realizes how much her boss sucks? Wouldn't you rather hang out instead with self important radio hosts?
We thought so. So why not get started tonight, from 9 PM to 11 PM PST by subscribing to the Theme Party Literary Supplement!
Tonight, Kyle MCDC, Dj Kiss My Fist, the Eligible Ross Lincoln and Advanced D&Dj have accepted the Theme party Short Story Challenge. They've all agreed to write two pages of fiction, with certain rules affixed, and to read the results tonight on Theme party for your amusement!
Find out why readin' IS fundamental when:
Will KMF write another story set during the Roman Republic?
Will Kyle MCDC somehow incorporate his encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity culture?
And what about Advanced D&Dj? Might he end up putting his namesake into the story?
You'll have to tune in tonight to find out. But that's not all! We'll also be playing a ton of wonderful music for your additional enjoyment! To listen, head over to our Myspace account and following the handy links, OR, just get yourself over to our official site or Kill Radio and click the Listen button. While you're listening, instant message us using our AOL ID, Themepartyradio!
See you tonight? Good! Don't forget to take notes!
Theme Party

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