Friday, August 11, 2006

Theme Party, Tonight? That's POPPYCOCK!

Can you believe the things people, uh, believe?
Flat earth? Faked moon landing? Religion? Black helicopters? Pyramid Schemes? The artistic merit of the second Star Wars trilogy? Let's face it, people can believe some downright nonsensical nonsense despite all evidence to the contrary. Which is fine by us because we find the whole thing infinitely entertaining.
That's why tonight, we're paying tribute to hoaxes, fabulisms, lies, faked goings-on, bullpuckey, nonsenses, obfuscations, balderdash and good old-fashioned Gullibility in the face of "evidence" and "facts". From 9 PM to 11 PM PST, it's Theme Party: POPPYCOCK!
* Incredulize yourself at Kiss My Fist's frustration with a friend who insists that Stevie Wonder isn't really blind!

 * Allow yourself to be taken in by the fantasticisms Kyle MCDC has peddled.

 *Overestimate Ross' intelligence with your surprise at how his friend's convinced him that the Magic kingdom was a bit more magical than real life.

To listen, head over to our Myspace account and follow the handy links, OR, just get yourself over to Kill Radio and click the Listen button. While you're listening, instant message us using our AOL ID, Themepartyradio!
So, that's from 9 PM to 11 PM, PST. So we'll see you tonight? Good, trust us when we say the moon landing really did happen.
Theme Party!
PS: Be sure to check our myspace profile for regular calender updates about Theme Party shows, and events Theme Party wishes you to know about. 

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