Thursday, September 07, 2006

can you unwrinkle a clam

Back from a quick hiatus, the Unwrinkled Ear goes back on from 9:00-10:30pm Los Angeles time Thursday night with the express intention of tending.
Not tending toward clover
But records found in a semi-rural Maine "old book shop" will be broadcast.
Here's what's in my sights to listen to this evening:
Valerie Simpson's "Genius II" (maybe even "Genius I" if I think we can shoulder it)
Joe Steen
Florian Hecker
John Paul Jones' "Silver Train" from the Scream for Help sdtrk
By the time Lassie hears this call (or subphisticates unite)
the spatial distance b/t picking fruit all your life and planting a tree
will be deemed "the last great investment opportunity"

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