Friday, October 20, 2006

Celebrate 20 Years of Theme Party Tonight!

Hi guys!
Yes, it was 20 years ago today, in 1986, that Theme Party first went out over the Internet and history was made. Sure, we've changed so much since then, and yes, we admit that A) there was no Internet in 1986, and B) the eldest member of the Theme Party crew was only 12, but those are mere technicalities. Thanks to the work of the fine people at CERN and their magnificent  Large Hadron Collider, we're fairly certain there are at least 14 parallel dimensions in which, we believe, the Internet was invented sometime during the 1780s and Theme Party is as venerable an institution as the song Notorious which, by sheer coincidence, is also celebrating its 20th anniversary tonight.
So what the hell will we be doing to "celebrate" our own dubious milestone? Simple - we'll be playing plenty of music from the year we are now claiming to have first webcast, as well as some more recent material from the more factual, "reality-based" period of Theme Party's existence. We'll also probably play Notorious, and a bunch of songs about Anniversaries, just because we're feeling cheeky.
To listen, just head over to our Myspace profile , or to Kill Radio , and click the handy listen buttons. While you're there, you can IM us via AIM - our ID is themepartyradio.
Also, while you're over at our myspace page you might notice that we've regularly update our calender with tons of great events put on by our close personal friends. There's plenty for you to do. Oh, and you'll also be able to keep informed about upcoming episodes of Theme Party and future themes while you're at it. It's really quite wonderful. For you.
Oh, and lest we forget: We know you're not always able to listen to Theme party on Friday nights, and because we understand we record every episode for later consumption. To download old theme party episodes and enjoy them, just head over to Kill Radio , and visit the Archives. Whenever a new episode is uploaded we'll be on the main page, but you can always search the Archives for "Theme Party Radio". 
So we'll see you tonight?
Theme Party

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