Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cecil Taylor in Newport

Tonite on the Unwrinkled Ear radio program we will have a special guest
and music from some wonderful albums:
The new Kent Carter String Trio disc on Emanem (who would have thought that Kent and Albrecht could keep up the beauty they delivered on their Willisau Suites years ago? and with the addition of another? Surpassing magnifique.)
the Kashmere Stage Band (who would have thought that discipline + high school could equal such rich pristine funk?)
The Cecil Taylor quartet live in Newport in 1957 (wow-bringer)
All that plus the damage of guest intersplicer DJ Deyoe B-Boy R D-Dog
The program airs on from 9:00-10:30pm California time
and archives are available at
Do you know how other radio station have fundraisers? We shave fundraisers into this one sliced message: is experiencing a small financial debacle that looks like matted hair, sucrets and clumped aluminum up close. If you could donate anything (there's a "donate now" button to click on our homepage) you could help our financial debacle look instead like a sweet thick purple syrup balanced skillfully on the edge of a spoon, ready to soothe.     

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