Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tetsu on the radio

When you leave a banana next to a computer's hard drive for 2 days,
the side facing the hard drive will turn completely gelly brown,
but only on the inside - the skin outside the banana will remain yellow.
It's an herb anyway.
Tonite's episode of The Unwrinkled Ear will feature the work of maestro Tetsu Saitoh, exclusively.
This bass-playing wonder-mack will be heard playing solo
in duet
in trios
          with this quintet playing Astor Piazzola's music:
                    Tetsu Saitoh: bass
                    Koichi Hiroki: guitar
                    Hiroshi Yoshino: bass
                    Yoshihiro Tanabe: guitar, bandoneon
                    Ryojiro Furusawa: percussion, pianica
and with several large ensembles
Think lots of strings + lots of percussion
9:00-10:30pm California time on

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