Thursday, December 28, 2006

Theme Party Returns after far too long tolook back on 2006 with Schadenfreude!

Hi Everyone,
Theme Party has been gone for a long, long time. We've been busy, you've been busy. But who cares, right? Let's just chock it up to holiday seasonal needs and forgive and forget, bygones and so forth, because we're back. And tonight, Friday the 29th, we're going to look back with a mixture of shame and glee on all that was 2006.
We'll recap our personal favorite moments, unexpected winnings and more than anticipated losses. We'll also play nothing but our favorite music from 06. Trust us when we say that song wise, 2006 was a very good year.
To listen, just head over to our Myspace profile , or to Kill Radio, and click the handy listen buttons. While you're there, you can IM us via AIM - our ID is themepartyradio.
Also, while you're over at our myspace page you might notice that we've regularly update our calender with tons of great events put on by our close personal friends. There's plenty for you to do. Oh, and you'll also be able to keep informed about upcoming episodes of Theme Party and future themes while you're at it. It's really quite wonderful. For you.
So dust off the old Internet connection and let theme party wash the bad taste of nostalgia for the year that was out of your mouth.And then, we drink.
Theme Party

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