Friday, February 09, 2007

Chissum Worthington is LIVE Tonight on Theme Party!!

Hi everyone,
Well we did it. We smuggled yet another 2 hour block of primo, uncut genius into the country. That's a belly full of Pure Nerdian Brain Candy for your and yours to party with tonight!
Why delay the good news? For your enjoyment, we've got special guest Chissum Worthington who'll be performing several songs and joining in the usual fun. Click that link to visit his Myspace page - We also suggest that you check out his hilarious array of Music Videos, available for free on You Tube.
Ever wondered what the secret of the "Nerdle" is? Curious whether or not George Bush knows shit? Find out tonight as he performs music from his cache of educational and entertational songs.
In addition, we'll be having the usual Theme Party goodness - new songs, old songs, fun songs, and bad, very terrible jokes meandered over all night. But made smarter and more hilarious with the power of Booze! It starts at 9 PM PST and lasts until 11 PM. To listen, just head over to our Myspace page and click the handy buttons, or go directly to Kill Radio and click listen.
Also, instant message us using our AOL ID - Themepartyradio!
In case you missed it, last Friday night Theme Party were lucky enough to have Wait Think Fast  as our musical guests - they submitted to our patented interview technique, demonstrated their Radio en Espanol radio voices and played three of their songs - "Band Men," "Tierra" and "This House is Holding Strong." Fortunately, you don't have to kick yourself any longer for missing the show because we've made it available online for your listening pleasure. Just go here and download to your heart's content.
Meanwhile, some friends of Theme Party have informed us of numerous problems using the Kill Radio search engine to locate our uploaded shows. We're sorry to hear about that and we're working on a long term solution that will remove the difficulties you're having. Until that is settled, we'll do our best to always provide a direct link to the latest episode. Of course, if you have any problems at all or if you're looking for something in particular, just send us an e-mail and we'll do our best to help.
Also, be sure to check out our Myspace Page for updates about Theme Party and information about the doings of Theme Party's friends and past musical guests!
So, to sum up: Download, visit, and listen TONIGHT!!!!! We'll love you forever if you do.
Theme Party


PS: if you click here you can download the first Theme Party of 2007!



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