Thursday, March 22, 2007

Telling the Difference b/t Poetry and Spam

It's hard. I'd say that 'appreciating unfinishity' is poetry.
But in the subject line of an email it sounds like spam.
I never would have thought that contemporary poetry and the basest of marketing campaigns could grow so independently and yet so synonomously
In any case, The Unwrinkled Ear is BACK on the radio switch tonite
from 21:00-22:30 Pacific Coast Time
tune in on
We'll jam on Sidsel Endresen's incredible new solo voice album "One" as she takes on "velocity and desensification"
we'll see what the NDR big band has been up to Pata-Music-wise inside Norbert Stein's recent composition/ conductions
I really need a thick lathering of something off the Sten Sandell trio's latest: "Oval"
Give a fruit bark and plum yourself in the orchard on the way
Also, The Unwrinkled Ear's mailing address has changed, so if that affects you, please let me know.
(archives always available at - search for "unwrinkled")

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