Thursday, July 05, 2007

feelin festy

Tonight's cooking on The Unwrinkled Ear will feature artists playing at this year's Konfrontationen in Nickelsdorf
The show can be heard on from 21:00-22:30 Hollywood time on Thursday
Some of the artists we'll get to are Clayton Thomas, Barry Guy, Terrie Ex, Eugene Chadbourne, Sten Sandell, Ivar Grydeland and Sherif Shenaoi
The radio show will be on hiatus for two weeks, but if you're in Vienna on July 11th, come see The Unwrinkled Ear live w/ His Blue Guerillas at the rhiz.
It'll be a night of funk and psychedelia.
Even if you're not given to hugging, you'll want to embrace this.
Last week's show featured:
Houle/ Parker/ Delbecq
Leroy Hutson
Cheer Accident
The Trees Community
Sammy Davis Jr.
Lovens/ Mahall/ Takase
Eddie Okonta and his Top Aces
Bob Welch
Furt + Phil Minton
Modern Jazz Quartet
Simon Desorgher/ David Stevens 

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