Thursday, December 20, 2007

tune out the angels and tune into the world

The Unwrinkled Ear has two announcements.
The first, easiest:
Tonite from 21:00-22:30 California Time, Thursday on
we will do a special on Paal Nilssen-Love's new label, PNL records.
They've released a duo by Paal with Lasse Marhaug and another of Paal with organist Nils Henrik Asheim.
And we'll also do a big feature on composer, violist and bassist Szilárd MEZEI.
We'll taste solo, duo, trio, quintet stuff all the way up to ten piece ensemble work from this incredible Hungarian/ Serbian/ Yugoslavian musician. 
The second announcement, much harder:
the Jazzgalerie in Nickesldorf, Austria is under attack by the Austrian government. 
More details in the two attachements.
The Unwrinkeld Ear would not exist were it not for the incredible work of this concert venue over the last 30 years. As I understand it, the government is accusing Hans of running his establishment - which has championed improvised music and musicians from all over the world - solely for his own personal enrichment, thus charging him for years of back taxes. Obviously, if his venue can deeply affect the life of a boy from South Carolina, his work in the Austrian countryside is not just about himself. 
If you have an interest in supporting the music you hear on The Unwrinkled Ear, please take the time to write an email to the email addresses provided in the attachment, and consider helping any other way you can.  
Tune in tonite

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