Thursday, April 10, 2008

Palpable Radio

Like feeling the warmth from someone else's blush, tonite's show is going to radiate.

Phog Masheen is coming in to dehollow a trumpet
and to get in gear for that live set we'll bookend it with
Haswell/ Hecker's remogrification of Popol Vuh's 'Aguirre'
and on the other side the LOW DYNAMIC ORCHESTRA of Sten Sandell

palp it at 9pm tonite on
Pacific time.

Thanks for the great response to the last unwrinkled ear shindig with the hair chorus et al. You can hear that one, as you can all the archived unwrinkled ear shows since 2004, at specifically for last week

and here was that set list:
Sam Moore/ Leroy Smeck - Dear old pal of mine
Robert Parker - the Hiccup
Carlo Actis Dato - Witches
YBO squared - #4
Franz Hautzinger - Sakke/ Belga/ Sophia
Golem - School of Dance
Novi SIngers - Misfit
Paul Dutton - For the Johnsons
Point 4 - Sideshadow
Brazil - goran
Grubbs/ Gustafsson/ Selder - Pumpkin Creek
Brazil - Otou-chang
Rene Joly - Parfum d'une fleur
Altyrone Deno Brown - Sweet Pea
Thin Lizzy - Vagabond of the western world
Majestic Arrows - Make a time machine
Mahmoud Ahmed - Gizie degu neger
Ward/ Hawkins/ Lash/ May - Basenji
Kan Mikami - disc 1, #5
Int'l Harvester - #12 i think
Bing Selfish -Relativity
Steamboat Switzerland - 7:5
Wailers -gonna get burned
Johnny Barfield and S.O.U.L. - soul butter
Mike Ladd - Barney's girl
Andrea Centazzo/ Tom Cora - duet 1980

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