Friday, May 02, 2008

Composition Camp

The Unwrinkled Ear has set a new stage for home radio, and you can listen to last night's broadcast right here:

May Day being an appropriate day for homing in, we did.

Instead of previewing what I might get into, you can know for sure:

Hecker and Haswell remixing Popol Vuh's "Aguirre I"
Tanzsuite mit Deitschlandlied by Helmut Lachenmann (excerpt)
Genevieve Foucrolle playing Comp. 171. by Anthony Braxton (excerpt)
Parade - Heaven And
Thoughs were the Days - LaVice and Company
Sehnsucht and Justice - E. Jandl/ L. Newton/ W. Puschnig
All Reactionaries are Paper Tigers - Mao 7"
Cherrystones - Eugene McDaniels
Kol Basti - Boris Mango
Hold Tight by Fats Waller performed by Lovens/ Chadbourne/ Wogram/ Takase/ Mahall/ Heberer
Reshmi Ujala Hai - Asha Bhosle

shrugs bring blood

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